Course Details

Semester One

Labour and Development

This course analyses the role of labour in economic development, both historically and in the current time of globalisation, with a focus on Southern Africa and the Global South. The course will look at the role of labour as an active agent of economic and political transformation.

Advanced Social Research

The aim of this course will be to allow students to formulate, clarify and focus their research questions, understand and develop explanatory models for their project, and become familiar with various research designs. This will lead them to where they will be required to prepare draft proposals within the framework of the course but working with their individual supervisors.

Semester Two

Economic Policy, Globalisation and Labour

The aim of this course will be to understand different approaches to macroeconomics and their implications for trade unions. The role of wages in different economic paradigms will be examined as well as the role of incomes policy, macroeconomic co-operation and labour market institutions.

Research Report